Which is better . . . on-site employment law training seminars provided by an outside professional organization or in-house employment law workshops provided by Human Resources (HR) staff?

In other words, should you invite an outside professional to train your organization on employment laws and regulations or should you rely on in-house HR staff to train employees to ensure your organization’s ability to remain consistently compliant with various local, state, and federal employment laws?

Whether you have a fully-staffed HR department or one person handles your organization’s HR responsibilities, is it reasonable to assume that your staff of one or more is capable of making sure that every manager, every supervisor, and every other employee understands and can correctly apply each and every local, state, and federal employment law and regulation to every situation in your workplace?

Your answer, hopefully, is yes . . . because an even inadvertent violation of just one of the myriad of employment laws and regulations applicable to your organization may well put you in front of a judge, facing legal costs and fees plus individual and/or organizational fines and damages . . . with potentially huge dents in employee morale and your reputation.

The fact is that you are obligated by law to make sure that each and every HR professional, manager, supervisor, and every other employee in your organization has a thorough, up-to-date, working knowledge of every applicable local, state, and federal employment law and regulation.

The critical question, then, is, which is the best way to protect your organization, you, and your employees from the potential liabilities that come with violations of employment laws and regulations you may not even know?

Which is the better choice?

Many private and public organizations have concluded that in-house employment law training can, over time, become burdensome, complicated, inefficient, and extremely expensive for two obvious reasons: 1. In-house trainers find it difficult to keep up with ever-changing local, state, and federal employment laws and regulations and, 2. Effective HR managers and staffers are not necessarily effective teachers.

Onsite employment law seminars can often be the better choice for a couple of compelling reasons: 1. An employment law professional, preferably an employment law attorney, stays consistently current on local, state, and federal employment laws and regulations and, 2. Employment law seminar facilitators are skilled, talented, thoroughly trained teachers fully capable of communicating facts, figures, and the subtleties of every aspect of employment laws and regulations.

Could you ask for anything more?

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